So glad to meet you…


You’re a busy professional who’s doing it all…

You’re giving your best to your family, excelling in your career, plus juggling social activities and volunteering.

In the midst of your busy life, you still think of others first. You strive to connect – with your family, your friends, and your clients.

Despite the hustle, you yearn for simplicity and connection. How to slow down? How to connect more with nature? You struggle to find self-care that doesn’t turn into one more thing on the list.

Friend, I hear you. And I have a great solution:

·        Whether you need a dazzling palette of colorful blooms to greet you as you walk into your kitchen with both arms full

·        Whether you need the right way to speak your heart to a friend who means the world to you

·        Whether you want to brighten your workplace and beautifully welcome clients who walk in the door

·        Whether you want to stand out in your field – sending your clients a bouquet that says how much you value them

These are all the thoughts that power Handpicked Homestead. Sure, the sun and water have a lot to do with our beautiful blooms, but I want to honestly convey the love that is the foundation of our farm.

My name is Erin, and I spent 14 years in my previous career before trading in the high heels for muck boots. I switched because growing flowers provided a unique way to deeply connect with others - the joy of sharing the blooms that I grew myself was unmatched. Flowers are a universal language of love. And yes, the fact that they are impermanent makes them priceless.

“Our hearts are made for longing forward.”

– Laura Kelly Fanucci

My heart longed for a way to connect with my family and with nature. I also have a heart for service. Combining my professional background with flower farming opened up the perfect way to serve others. I hope we can partner together in bringing more beauty into your life and the world around you. I’m so glad you’re here and I am excited to get to know you!

At Handpicked Homestead, we believe:

  • that we need beauty, and when we share it, we can bring peace, heal, and foster joy.

  • that color, design, fragrance and texture all matter…a bouquet grown and gathered with love has a purpose behind it that can be tangibly felt.

  • nature is the ultimate model of beauty. Local, sustainable, hand-selected, cultivated with purpose…the opportunity to partner in creation is unmatched.

Because we are all meant to share beauty.